Located at the base of Belknap Hill and on the banks of the Grand River, the Monroe North Neighborhood creates a unique environment for residents, workers and visitors.  Once a turn of the 20th century industrial hub, historic factories have found new life as high-end loft space, retail establishments, modern offices, and popular recreational and dining venues.  

The Monroe North Business Association (MNBA) serves to highlight this community by:
  • Supporting neighborhood businesses and events
  • Promoting interaction and communication among neighborhood businesses
  • Media outreach 
  • Partnering with local government to enhance safety, transportation, and beautification of  the neighborhood

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The Monroe North Neighborhood is easily navigated, just one mile from Michigan St north to Leonard.
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Grand Rapids, Michigan  49503 
Monroe North Neighborhood- Take The River By Stride 

Monroe North Business Association                     Upcoming Events
                                                                                  MNBA Monthly Meeting  

President- Howard Hansen                                       2nd Friday of the month  8am
Vice President- Diedre Deering                                 The Boardwalk Building GRMEP         
Treasurer- Marcia Ritzenhein                                    Classroom 8 lower level
Secretary- Diedre Deering    
            Monroe North Business Association

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