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LEARN with Monroe North


1000 Monroe Avenue Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

P: (616) 732-6200

Literacy Center of West Michigan

The Literacy Center works with adults, both native speakers of English and English language learners, who read below the 9th grade level and want to improve their literacy. The Literacy Center of West Michigan is committed to bringing about a just and vibrant West Michigan through the power of literacy. 

1120 Monroe Avenue NW, Suite 240

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

P: (616) 459-5151 x 18 | F: (616) 245-8069 

Contact: Diedre Deering, Executive Assistant      


Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Secchia Center

15 Michigan Street NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

P: (616) 234-2667 | F: (616) 234-2625

Contact: Mark Brieve, Director, Community Engagement and

               Outreach -          

               Jerry Kooiman, Assistant Dean External Relations


Monroe Community Church

Monroe Community Church is committed to connecting our downtown community with our life-changing God. 

800 Monroe Avenue NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

P: (616) 233-7515

Contact: Dave Hartwell

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